Saturday, August 5, 2017

New, interesting and ACTIVE blogger!

Just wanted to take a minute to promote a blogger who is like-minded, eloquent, and well-informed.  Not to mention someone who is writing more than I (though that will change soon).  My youngest is turning two and some of the distractions from my writing have been lessened.  I am looking forward to getting re-engaged at Pro-primitive.  T-shirts are on the way, and don't worry, I won't come close to breaking even if one looks interesting to you;)

Please visit

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I just today (after many months of the Blog being up) figured out how to allow comments on the things I post. That has always been my intention, but apparently I didn't know how. I will moderate the comments, but I welcome disagreement as long as it is civil. Strong language in the heat of passion is okay, abuse and personal attacks are not. Enjoy yourselves!